Facebook Marketing Tips : Turning Fans into Customers

Facebook has helped thousands of businesses become household names, but to market successfully, you need to know where to start. Here’s an overview of how to set up Facebook page. Then, you need to understand all of the unique opportunities Facebook has to offer and how it differs from other social media channels.


Avoid the Hard Sell on Facebook

When you think of Facebook, what comes to mind? It’s a place to where you can chat with your friends and check out their photos. Becoming part of the conversation within communities in your niche goes a lot further than simply being a business who is trying to sell aggressively. When promoting your business, knowing how to use Facebook for marketing can grow your brand leaps and bounds.

Hard-sell strategies-such as repetitive posting and advertising slogans will result in users “unfollowing” you. Forcefully trying to “jam” your business down potential customers’ throats isn’t the way to go. Engage with your audience and make them feel valuable. Knowing how to get Facebook followers is the key to your success. Remember, Facebook is about being seen. The more followers you have, the better your visibility.


Be Your the Voice

Facebook users want to talk with other people – not a robot. Be the human beyond the brand. Write in a tone that is warm, personable and likeable. If someone else is writing your posts, make sure they write in a style that truly suits your brand. They also need to express themselves in their own words, not corporate jargon.


Set a Clear Goal

When using Facebook to build your business, it’s important to have a set goal, as well as strategy to help you achieve it. Setting your target goal and strategy when you using Facebook for marketing gives you a direction and a way to measure your level of success.


Stay in Touch

Unlike old-school marketing such as television and print ads, social medial is built solely on exposure. Statistics have shown that approximately 50 percent of Facebook users log in at least once a day. Posting new material regularly reinforces your online presence. Some marketing gurus say only post once a day, but if you have interesting content you think your audience would love, post it. By analyzing their feedback, you’ll be able to gauge how often you should be posting fresh content.


Welcome New Comments and Respond Quickly

Engaging and then converting possible customers is your main focus. Encourage other Facebook users to comment on your post. When they do post, don’t hesitate to respond. Waiting too long is one of the fastest ways to lose follower on Facebook. You will weaken your authoritative stance and your Facebook friends will stop engaging with you.


Delight with Pictures and Videos

Facebook’s major element of appeal are pictures and videos. Try to use them as much as possible to keep your audience entertained. For example, a jewelry designer could post new pieces or works in progress and ask for opinions, while an interior designer could post before and after images to demonstrate their abilities in a visually engaging way.


Be interactive

Facebook users love offers, games, contests, etc. Having fun is what Facebook is all about. Entertain your followers and give them something they can’t get in a different way. Offering giveaways and discounts scores big points with Facebook users as well.


Web Design

Even with a huge following on Facebook, you need a website that is easy to use and aesthetically appealing. You aren’t doing yourself any favors if you include a link on your Facebook page to a website that is hard to navigate or slow to load. There are a lot of affordable web design options on the market today, so if your website is less than A+ quality, it’s time for a makeover. Call around and ask for a few estimates on web design pricing before you make a final decision. There is a lot of undiscovered talent online just waiting for their big break.


Know Your Analytics

If you’re determined to score big on Facebook, you need to know what a marketing funnel is and how to use it to your advantage. Briefly, a marketing funnel is the steps a visitors takes before they the conversion level. For example:

  • A potential customer visits Amazon in search of a new camera.
  • They need to view the available products.
  • They then need to make a choice and add it to their shopping cart.
  • Finally, they need to purchase the camera by clicking on a “Check Out” button.

Make your Facebook page work to your advantage. Promoting your brand and social media works hand-in-hand with more conventional marketing methods. Utilize Facebook Insights to tell you more information about the people who liked your page. Once you have a firm understanding about their characteristics, you can tailor your posts to meet their interests and create a page that’s enticing to new prospects and entertaining for longtime fans.

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