Our standard design and development time is usually 7-10 days, but it really depends on you (the client) and your needs. If you request additional features on your website that are not listed in your package, there maybe a small increase to the number of days. The most common delay for us though is waiting for content (text or images) to be sent to us, or sign-off on the designs. If you can provide this to us swiftly we will be able to complete your website on time!

Usually a meeting is not necessary, and our websites are generally completed with contact through email or telephone. The designs we create will be placed in a secure location on our servers, and you will be given access to review, leave comments or sign-off on them. We will reqularly contact you through the design and development process in order to keep you informed of the status of your website, and to make sure it is progressing they way you want. Once complete your website will be available for you to review and test before you give us the final go-ahead to put it live on the internet.

If you are a new client then you will have received our package deal of 1yr FREE registration, hosting and maintenance. That means that if you need any changes made to your website (text/images) then all you need to do it contact us and let us know what you need done. It’s all included! Your website will stay live on the internet until the end of your free period, at which point we will contact you to see if you would like us to continue hosting and maintaining your website. Your website registration, hosting and maintenance will cost you less than $1 a day if you decide to keep your website with us.

The best way for you to provide text and images to us is in a digital format. This means text should be provided in a Microsoft Word (or equivilant) document, and photos should be scanned in to your computer. These can then be emailed to us directly or sent to our address on a CD or memory stick. We do not accept hand written text. If you are unable to provide digital versions of your images then we can provide a sevice to scan them for you at an additional charge.

No. Each package has a set price and you pay no more unless you would like additional years of hosting, registration and maintenance. novojogo is not registered for GST so there is nothing to be added on. If you have a specific website design request, or would like to upgrade your package type, we will discuss all costs with you and agree on a fixed price you are happy with.

Whether you are a new customer enjoying your first year of free maintenance or a paying client, your maintenance includes updates to your website in the following areas:

  • Text changes
  • Images changes
  • Additional email accounts
  • Additional pages (from existing templates)

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